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Top Tex is a fully integrated garment factory (Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing and Sewing) UNDER ONE ROOF plus using the best Syrian Organic and Raw Cotton to produce yanrs and all type of garment for all ages. Worldwide Suppliers Exporters


Why Us
  • We are ONLY & ALONE full Integrated Factory in Aleppo, Syria our factory covers all production stages (Spinning, knitting, dyeing and Sewing) under one roof.
  • On time delivery.
  • COMPETITIVE and well studied PRICES.
  • Quality assured by using very strict quality Control, TQM and AQL applied to all our production stages.
  • Environment friendly production.
  • Professional experience in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and Arabian Gulf markets.
  • Full line dedicated for Sport Events Promotions T-Shirts.
  • Ability to produce full range of garments made out of 100% Pure Syrian Cotton.
  • Full range of organic cotton clothing underwear,casual wear, T-Shirts.
  • Ability to produce 100% raw or organic cotton, viscose, Polyester (Single, Rib, Fleece, Interlock…etc) or any combination with Lycra, polyester as per our customer requirements.
Our Strong Points
  • Always Seeking our Customer Satisfaction.
  • Well studied and reasonable prices subsequent from our fully integrated production factory which is covering Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing, Sewing, Embroidering, Printing under one roof.
  • Tax Free of Syrian Products (Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement) under Euro 1 Certificate rules.
  • Meet the European standards.
  • Applying AQL 2.5 to all production stages.
  • Geographical closer to Europe market which helps to meet client’s deadline especially urgent orders.
  • Latest technology in equipment and machineries.
  • Fast client’s inquiry responding modern communication methods due to the well trained team and their awareness of the positive value of prompt reaction in this type of business, and know how to gain customer satisfaction.

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